Entrance Solutions for the Disabled

Modifications for Home Entry can be as simple as exterior railing installation and threshold aluminum ramps,to rampway installation, to full wheelchair and scooter lifts.  Kunkel Construction Ltd. can provide and install each of these types of entry solutions- with a bent towards providing the most cost effective solution for our clients.

Railing Installation

Quick Ramp Aluminum Tracks with Wood Railing“Gutterball” is not a nickname that anyone on wheels wants associated with them.  We’ve heard it!  That is why railings installed on walkways and sidewalks can be of great importance to the residence in a wheelchair or otherwise disabled.

Wood Railing, Iron Railings, ledges, and platform additions can be added to your existing entryways that will be designed to add beauty to your home.  These types of home modifications are not access related, but merely safety.

Threshold Ramps and Automatic Door Openers

Designed for the door itself, a properly installed threshold ramp can act as a riser up to, and back down from the threshold of a door.  Aluminum ramps can accommodate thresholds from 3/4″ to 6″ high, and can match the width of any door.  Threshold ramps do not interfere with the proper opening and closing of any door.

Ramp Solutions

As big of a project as it may seem, ramps are not that complicated and can fit a wide variety of yard sizes and spaces. For example:

  • Ramps can be built in sections with turns (switchbacks) to accommodate elevation.
  • Ramp can originate with the front or back porch.
  • An unused walkway on the side of the house can provide needed room for a ramp.
  • A house with a long front or back lawn is ideal, but if not, building a ramp at the edge of your property line may provide the needed space.

See our Extended Page on Ramps.

We use this ADA formula for wheelchair ramps:

  • With every foot of rise up to an entrance, include 12+ feet of ramp. A steeper ramp can make things impossible and dangerous for its users.
  • Ramps are three+ feet wide and includes handrails on both sides.
  • Ramps include a five-foot level rest platform for every 30 inches of ramp rise,
  • Wherever a ramp changes direction, a five-by-five footrest platform is included.
  • If there is a drop off on one side of a ramp, some kind of protective curb is necessary.

Exterior Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are often used on the interior of a home, however if a full flight of stairs needs to be climbed to access a second floor entry, an exterior stair lift may be an option.   There are a few obvious problems with exterior stair lifts.

  • Staying Dry – A Canopy Can be added
  • Getting a WheelChair to the second floor-Get Some Help or keep a second ‘inside chair’

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